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The Secret of Monteleone Homes, Custom Builders in Violet Town

Combining quality and affordability, Monteleone Homes has been operating for over 40 years. During this time, we have gathered extensive experience and honed our skills. Our customers tell us there are good builders in Violet Town and surroundings, but none compare to us. They wonder what the secret of our success is. To us, in truth, it’s not a secret at all.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee satisfaction for you with our meticulous eye for detail and demand for high quality finishing

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Customised Plans

We not only accepts custom design plans, we specialise in them! Bring your own plans, or let us do it for you.

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How does it work?

Need more information about the whole process, we can help you whether you are a seasoned pro or this is your first home.

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The Importance of Monteleone Homes, Custom Builders in Violet Town

Designing and constructing a home for a customer is about more than merely stacking one brick on top of the other.

  • When we think about a home to create, we consider the house itself, but even more the people who’ll be living in it.
  • We make every effort to think as our customer thinks, to understand their dreams and desires. Only when we fully comprehend each aspect, will we start building the perfect home.
  • We are always open to suggestions, even once we’ve started building, at no additional administrative cost. Only when the house is finished, our customer unlocks his front door, enters his abode, looks around and smiles contently, are we satisfied too.

Related Services we Provide as Builders in Violet Town

Monteleone Homes does much more than building high-quality custom homes. We also offer multi-unit development plans:

  • Rely on our assistance in designing the development
  • Design a new home and/or unit to place on an existing property.

Trust Monteleone Homes as custom builders in Violet Town. Enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies a contract with a fixed price, even during the construction phase.

At Monteleone Homes, your desired design will become real, from the building of the base and the construction of the frame to laying the bricks and covering the roof. Contact us and find out how exceedingly pleasant it is to collaborate with a builder who sees things your way and builds a home as you imagine it.