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When you walk through a neighbourhood where every house looks exactly like the next one, do you feel uninspired? A house design should fit your needs and personality instead of the other way around. But when outlining your future abode, what should you do to stand out? Visit our display homes in Shepparton to find the answers rapidly.


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We not only accepts custom design plans, we specialise in them! Bring your own plans, or let us do it for you.

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Need more information about the whole process, we can help you whether you are a seasoned pro or this is your first home.

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When you first consider building your own house, your mind overflows with splendid ideas. As you document the concepts, you feel convinced that every function and detail of your dwelling is quite realistic. After a while though, you might contemplate striking certain items on your wish list, telling yourself they’ll be impossible to construct unless you have a millionaire’s budget. Don’t do so just yet.

  • What seems impossible to you, may be easy for us, or even better, a splendid challenge.
  • Don’t hesitate to visit Monteleone Homes in Shepparton to discover the numerous possibilities open to you.
  • Your ideas and rough sketches are most welcome. We love to inspire you, but also delight in encountering ideas from our customers. Our Signature and Classic designs weren’t just created overnight. Just like your building plans, they started small. With time and the input of customers like you, they evolved into the present stunning designs.
  • We pride ourselves on involving our customers in the design and build process. This doesn’t mean we’ll put a trowel in your hands or a hard hat on your head, but we are always open to suggestions at no extra cost.

How Can You Get More Value out of Our Home Designs in Shepparton?

Some people are lucky, and after having saved for a year or ten, can start to build their own house. Others need to put away every cent for much longer before they can take this step. While many builders in the Goulburn Valley will offer you good value for your money, we go the extra mile to deliver the highest quality.

  • The materials we use are superior quality and, whenever possible, locally sourced.
  • Forty years of experience are entirely at your service. Surprises may always occur when building a house, but we almost always know what to expect.
  • We are renowned for our innovation in home design, sustainability and a keen eye for detail.
  • Our long list of standard inclusions leaves many of our customers filled with awe. We assure you, they truly get all those excellent options for the same price.

You can entirely trust Monteleone Homes regarding home designs in Shepparton. Our customers and their wishes are our primary commitment. Whatever you desire to make your home your castle, we do our utmost to make it happen. Rely on your local new home builder for committed high-quality construction at an affordable price. Are you eager to visit our display homes or would you like information before you visit them? Call us or send us an e-mail. We’re happy to help with great ideas and sound advice.